Service ItemsPrice (USD)Remarks
Receive package0For receiving your package
Package external photos0
Package content photos2
Package content checkCheck the integrity of the contents inside the package.
Package consolidation0Consolidating multiple packages or orders saves you shipping costs
Package return4Return the package to the seller
Package removal1Discard the package or donate it to a charity
Base label0Necessary label
Special label1For personalized requirements
Repackage2 + material costRepack your package
Remove unnecessary contents1Remove junk materials like magazines and flyers
Split package2Split into multiple packages
Standard storage060 Days
Additional storage1 USD / 1 CBM (35 cubic ft) / Day After 60 Days
Search and buy$8 + 5%
Shipping rateContact usVery competitive prices with group discounts.
Customs dutiesAccording to your country
Special requirementsContact us

Your One-Stop Solution for Cost-Effective Cross-border Shipping and Procurement

At China Consign, we offer more than just parcel consolidation and logistics services. We also provide expert procurement assistance for customers looking to purchase quality goods directly from China at a lower cost compared to other countries. Our partnerships with international courier companies such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, and Aramex ensure fast and reliable shipping solutions. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Let us help you save money and achieve your business goals with our comprehensive services.