Package Forwarding:

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Are you tired of dealing with high shipping costs and struggling with consolidation when purchasing goods directly from Chinese suppliers?

At China Consign, we provide a comprehensive package forwarding service that takes the hassle out of international shipping.

Our Chinese shipping address allows for easy delivery, and our expert team provides consolidated packaging solutions for multiple purchases, greatly reducing your shipping costs. We also offer secure storage in our state-of-the-art facility to ensure the safekeeping of your packages.

At China Consign, we take pride in our partnerships with top logistics companies like FedEx, DHL and UPS, which enable us to offer highly competitive international shipping rates. This pricing advantage makes us stand out from the competition and ensures that customers get the best value for their money.

What’s more, we understand the importance of quality assurance in online shopping. Our quality control team examines all products to ensure they meet the exact specifications provided by our customers. We also provide photo verification your items received at our facility, as well as packaging inspection services for an additional layer of protection.

Unlike many of our competitors, there are no hidden fees with China Consign. We offer transparent pricing and affordable services, which includes not only package forwarding but also customs clearance and delivery to your doorstep. Choose from different shipping options based on your budget and requirements.

At China Consign, we have built our company on providing excellent customer service and top-quality package forwarding. Join us today and experience worry-free direct purchasing from China.

Experience Hassle-Free Direct Purchasing from China with China Consign's All-Inclusive Package Forwarding Service